The Bit tracker has so many possible uses,
here's a few we've thought of


The Bit is so tiny

The tracker can be attached to your everyday items like keys, glasses, books or wallets. The smallest items are the ones we lose the most. Save yourself time everyday by using the app to help you find your essentials.


The Bit is completely waterproof

So it can locate your pets - no matter where they go. Simply attach The Bit tracker to your dog's collar and you'll never have to worry about finding your lost dog.


The Bit has a range of up to 200m (656ft)

That's the length of 4 Olympic size swimming pools
and the largest IKEA store in the world


The Bit is safe in clothes dryers

You can attach your Bit tracker to clothes, shoes or toys. Get The Bit as dirty or wet as you like and you can throw it in the washing machine and dryer with everything else.


The Bit will save you

time and money. Set alerts to let you know when you've left something behind and use the app to find your way back to it.


The Bit knows what's important to you

Place The Bit tracker on your favourite personal belongings and you'll never be without them. Headphones, laptops, tablets, phones or music players.


The Bit can be used globally

Place a tracker in your luggage to locate it on the baggage carousel or stick a tracker to your passport. The Bit tracker and Bit app can be used in any country to find your lost item.


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