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How the app works (it's a piece of cake)

an app designed to find

Pair your Bit with your phone

1. Download TheBit app - Available in the Apple App store, Google Play store or Windows App store.
2. Open up TheBit app on your phone or tablet, and bring TheBit tracker close to your phone. The app will display your tracker under "Near Bits".
3. Select to pair with the tracker.

Customise finding your Bit

TheBit app has a heap of features to personalise your use of the tracker.

  • Rename all your finders so you can recognise them easily
  • Set alerts for when you tracker is about to go out of range
  • Set alerts for when your Bit has come back in range
  • Create collections - groups of Bits
  • Get last known location GPS coordinates & connect with maps
  • Finding your Bit tracker

    There are 2 options for finding your lost item.

    Your Bit tracker is in range - Simply find the Bit you're looking for in the list of Near Bits and use the distance indicator to find it. The radar will tell you if you're getting hotter or colder.

    Your Bit tracker is out of range - If you are too far away from your Bit to get a real time location, you can use the GPS coordinates of the last time it was in range to get you on the right path. TheBit app will connect with Google Maps to give you directions to where you need to go.

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